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Hero Maestro: A Wonderful Ride

One of the most common sights and/or demands made from young adolescent boys be it after receiving an accolade or at the time of marriage, is a motorcycle. There are doubts in my mind whether men have ever felt more intrigued or excited by anything than they are when it comes to buying a new motor vehicle.

Hero Maestro

Keeping that in mind, Hero launched its scooter Maestro, targeted specifically for the male audience. In fact, it is so popular among the masses that it is on par with India’s highest selling scooter, the Honda Activa which is a unisex vehicle.

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Immediately from the first look the Maestro clearly exudes a more dominant impression judging from its design making it evident that its meant to be a man’s vehicle. With its bold lines it gives off an edgy and bold look, ideal for an individual who cares about the way their vehicle appears to others. Priced at around INR 49,712 ,thIS 110 kg Maestro comes in 6 colors and has the following specifications and features to offer:


A 109 cc engine with maximum power of 8.20 bhp at a rate of 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.10 Nm at a rate of 5,500 rpm.


The Maestro has a top speed of 91 km per hour and with a fuel tank capacity of 5 liters it can travel approximately 340 km without having to refuel. This greatly appeals to the male dominant market as not only are they looking for efficiency, but the ability of this scooter to travel at very high speeds means they are able to achieve the ‘thrill of the chase’ so to speak, without having to resort to purchasing another vehicle.

Trunk Space:

Storage space for the Maestro is not as spacious as compared to their other models and would maybe be big enough to fit one large backpack at most. This however, is not a point of contention for most users as the single male target audience is not habitual of carting around a lot of luggage.

Brakes and Suspension:

The braking system is competent, with a Combi braking system and drum braking system on both front and back tires which allow the scooter to come to a full stop after around 9 meters when traveling at full speed. The suspension is adequate for city areas with smooth performance on paved roads.

Ease of Driving:

Although an overall smooth ride, the Maestro does not provide much resistance when being faced with potholes; however it does limit its vibrations to as limited as can be expected when driven on long distance uneven roads. Due to its weight perhaps, it is also not very nimble and thus not very efficient at sharp turns, however its firm footholds and comfortable seat do provide adequate support and cushioning to the rider.

Safety and Other Features:

The firm grip of the handlebars allows the rider to brace themselves upon unexpected impact and due to its effective braking system it allows the scooter too effectively without throwing off the rider.


Thus, a well -rounded vehicle worth consideration for the modern day metropolitan man. If you are looking for a scooter with a unique style range, a boasting performance and last but not least a guaranteed smooth ride, then Hero maestro is an optimal choice for you. It will enhance your style and automobile sense in the so called trendy society of today. Follow your heart and go for it. It is one of the best scooters at present in the Indian market. Have a great riding experience.

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