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Hero Glamour FI Review: “Nothing Compares to the Simple Pleasure of Hero Glamour Bike”

In this modern era of progressive inventions, bike is a marvelous and enchanting invention in the field of two wheel commuter technology

The Hero Glamour is a compact, affordable and versatile motorcycle that puts efficiency on the top of its priorities list. The 2016 Hero Glamour PGM-Fi is a fuel-injected mid-segment commuter from Hero MotoCorp.

Hero Glamour FI

Latest Technology Features:

The specialty of this bike is it uses Honda s PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) technology instead of a carburetor.  It has an ECU which is controlled by five sensors and by calculating it and then the result is optimum field flow into the engine which keeps better fuel economy and no waste in power.

Another technology used in Glamour is suction valve at the right bottom which intakes fresh air and pumps it into the stream of exhaust gas so that carbon monoxide is directly converted into carbon dioxide (CO2) which has less harmful effect. It has 125 cc engine.

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Special Features:

It has got a smart glove box at the right side to keep the registration stuff and small toolkit. The bikes comes with a lot of standard features, such as a digital/analogue speedo console with a real-time mileage indicator, alloy wheels and front disc, and also a bank angle sensor, which cuts fuel supply to the engine if the bike exceeds a certain lean angle.

Mileage & Comfort Driving:

Hero MotoCorp Glamour has gone the entire mile in terms of mileage and has ensured that mileage is not compromised at the expense of higher power or features. Initially when the erstwhile Hero Honda has launched the Glamour in the year, 2005 one of the most attractive part and selling point was the fuel economy. This has not been let down in terms of the Hero MotoCorp Glamour as well. This bike claims offering a mileage of 81.1 kmpl under standard test conditions, however you could say that this is not the best fuel economy amongst the bikes manufactured by hero under 125cc. Super Splendor has an official claim of 83.1 kmpl. It is designed to give us maximum comfort while driving. It has well-padded seat which minimizes stress on the lower back and wrists, thereby giving you comfort while riding for long hours.

Performance and Handling:

Hero MotoCorp Glamour gives a decent performance. It comes with an average 150mm ground clearance. The kerb weight of this bike is around 125 kg for the kick-start model. Adding up to the trend and style this bike comes in 5 color combinations with black being the main shade with a mix of red, brown, blue and yellow. Overall this bike is good enough and could save your time and money, also setting a style statement amongst your friends circle. This bike with two variants has already captured the competitive market in a short span of time.

This bike is launched and is a tough competitor for Honda CB Shine, Discover 125 and the Suzuki Sling Short Plus that comes with almost similar features and pricing.

This machine is definitely far ahead of its competitors as far as the technology/features are concerned.


This bike comes at a price of Rs. 73,312. It comes with a bit higher price but its futuristic and cool features matches the same. It has everything to satisfy the need and greed of a common Indian biker. It is made to unleash the power and potential of a biker in India. Go for it. Follow the trend and make this beauty your before it is out of stock.

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