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Hero Duet: Let Us Ride It

With automobile giants and vehicle manufacturers bombarding every available social media site, LED screen and billboard, the race to be the most popular demand is in full swing 365 days a year. However, with consumer demands and preferences varying from person to person, region to region, the number of makes, models and designs of vehicles available for purchase is mind boggling.

So let’s try and comb through the sea of machinery to find out if what companies are boasting about (after all, EVERY motor vehicle can’t be the best-right?) really is worth the investment because let’s face it, these machines don’t come cheap.

Hero Duet

At first glance, Hero’s Duet scooter seems like a stylish, reliable vehicle that shows no major design differences from its predecessors save for a sleeker, more efficient overall look. Available in 6 colors, the 116 kg scooter gives off an air of reliability and overall cost effectiveness.

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There are two models of the Duet, the LX which is priced at around INR 49,087 and the VX at approximately INR 50,587. Hero’s first independent project after it ended its joint venture partner Honda, boasts about the following specifications of their family based scooter:


The scooter is equipped with a 110.90 cc engine with maximum power of 8.31 bhp at a rate of 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.30 Nm at a rate of 6,500 rpm.


With a 6 liter fuel tank, the Duet has a mileage of 63 km per liter, so it can travel approximately 375 km without having to refuel. A very handy and cost efficient feature that would appeal to the family oriented consumer.

Trunk Space:

With a spacious under seat cargo hold, the Duet offers convenient storage for passengers traveling with families, something that warrants carting around a lot of stuff across long distances.

Brakes and Suspension:

The suspension is equipped with shock absorbers sufficient for road bumps and speed breakers common in metropolitan areas while the Combi brake system accompanied with drum brakes system on both front and back tires are more than adequate to allow the scooter to come to a full stop at around 8.5 meters after applying the brakes at top speed.

Ease of Driving:

Users have commented on the smooth ride of Hero’s Duet but have also mentioned how it does not turn as nimbly as one would like. This means that smooth turns at high speeds are not possible for a scooter of this size and weight, especially when carrying passengers. The scooter is designed for the moderate paced driver who prioritizes a smooth ride over speed.

Safety and Other Features:

Firm foot holds and a wide comfortable seat allows for back support to the riders as long distance travelling is warranted when it comes to multiple passengers in city areas. The duet is also equipped with the headlight along with turn indicators integrated into a single unit with the handlebars.


Thus, if an individual who has either a family or is involved in carrying around many passengers and if they are looking for a visually appealing, cost efficient scooter then the Duet fulfills these requirements. However, one must keep in mind that its performance speed wise may not be to everyone’s liking. Hero duet has a wide market and has the potential to do wonders in the automobile sector. A great ride is promised by hero. It has a long way to cover; you just need to trust this one by hero. Follow your heart and go for it. It has everything for all of you.

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