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Bajaj V15 Review, Features and Specifications

Bajaj Auto is very proud to introduce the very first motorcycle model in their V series, which is the Bajaj V15. It is one of those motorcycle brands and models that a lot of Indian motorcycle lovers are rooting for these days. This is simply because this motorcycle has a lot of great things to offer to its drivers and riders. Elegance, comfort, speed, name it and V15 can certainly give it to you. In fact, many people who have already tried this motorcycle said that everything about it is absolutely magnificent. This goes to show that Bajaj V15 is a worth-recommending motorcycle.

Engine: 149.50 cc

Mileage: 70-75 kmpl

Power: 11.80 bhp

Price: Rs. 64,820

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Bajaj V15 Specifications 

Bajaj V15 Specifications

Bajaj V15 is an all-new motorcycle product that is engineered with a new and powerful engine, having a displacement of 149.50 cc. This engine is a single-cylinder, four-stroke one that is air-cooled. It has a bore of 56 mm and a 58.8 mm stroke. It has a maximum power of 11.80 bhp at 7,500 rpm, and a maximum torque of 13 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It is even equipped with 5-speed gearbox, which affects a lot when it comes to speed. These are the things that made V15’s engine extremely powerful when compared to some other motorcycle brands and models.

Adding to the greatness of the speed of V15 are its 120/80 -16 60P rear tyre and its 90/90 – 18 51P tyre. The alloy-made wheels of this motorcycle also made a big difference. It has a VRLA battery type that has 4 Ah capacity and a 12 V power. When talking about mileage, the expected mileage when you are driving it just within the city is 40-45 kmpl. When you intend to drive it on the national highways, there would be an expected mileage of 50-60 kmpl. When used in both setting, V15 is expected to have a mileage of 70-75 kmpl. This is definitely advantageous on your part, since it simply means you can have a considerable amount of savings on the fuel expenses.

This motorcycle is also made with 240 Dia Disc front brake and a rear brake of 130 Dia Drum. These braking systems play a very significant role in keeping the driver’s and the rider’s safety, along with the full management of the running speed of V15. Moreover, it is equipped with 33 mm telescopic forks front suspension as well as twin-spring loaded hydraulic rear suspension that will add a lot of comfort to the riders and drivers out there. However, its price may not be that appealing specially to those who are in a tight budget. Its ex-showroom price is Rs. 64,820.


Bajaj V15 Design 

The moment you will see Bajaj V15, you will definitely love its very classic design. Many people said that its windshield and front fairing are almost the same that a Kawasaki Boxer has. Its 10-spoke alloy wheels actually made this motorcycle extra good looking. The rear end of V15 is much like the same with what an Avenger motorcycle has. It has a special logo commemorating the INS Vikrant, which is a retired Indian warship. When it comes to color, you will only have two options from Bajaj V15. These are the ebony black and the pearl white.

Bajaj V15 Features 

What is so special about Bajaj V15 is that its fuel tank is made from a very special material, which is a metal from the retired warship of India known as INS Vikrant. It has analogue speedometer, a digital fuel gauge, and an electric start. This electric start feature will save you from the hassle of starting its engine.


Without a doubt, Bajaj V15 is a brilliant motorcycle that you can have these days. You can never go wrong with it, as far as performance and elegant appearance are concerned.

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