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Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Review, Specifications And Features

The Bajaj Pulsar family is making notable steps in the motorcycle industry. This company has understood the engine design and power, and has maintained high standards in all the previous bikes released into the market. Let’s take a look at the latest offering, the AS 200, and find out how much of an adventure it is to ride.  This bike is welcoming. The riding position is comfortably upright and the legs canted slightly backwards. It can hold maximum speed of 120 kmph with reasonable comfort and without wind blast hassle.


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Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Review

Despite of this bike sharing a lot of its parts with the 200NS, it is still outstanding in making its own identity. The manufacturer has ensured that the fairing blends well in the tank as well as the headlight. The windscreen is wide and smoked. It not only enhances an overall look but it is also functional. Although it carries forward the rear panels and the tail lights from the naked Pulsar 200NS, it still gels well with this new brand. Its rear fender draws a lot of inspiration from the older pulsar 220, but it has a few creases that adds flair.


If you looking for a motorcycle of the 200cc class that comes loaded with features, then look no more since Bajaj AS200 has it all. It is equipped with projector headlamp, a semi- digital instrument cluster having two trip meters. It also comes with an odometer, clock and backlit switchgear just like the rest of the Pulsar range. There are also nice looking star- shaped 10- spoke alloy wheels and tubeless tires.


Bajaj Pulsar AS200 looks different from the other models. Despite of this, the motorcycles have almost the same engine.  The manufacture has worked hard towards reducing the vibes in this new model. The engine is the same three spark 199.5cc liquid cooled single from 200NS. The 23.5PSs and 18.3 Nm make is for entertainment performance.  It attains 60kmph just within 5 seconds and a top speed of 127 can also be recorded, but with a little more space, it goes to up to 140kmph

Ride and handling

The telescopic front and the rear monoshock suspension at the back are good at their job and ensure the absorption of the rough road and the tires offer a good grip. The setup is leaning slightly towards the stiffer side rather than being soft, to give the motorcycle decent capabilities.  The handling of this bike is well supported by the Euro grip tires.

Riding this bike is admirable. Whether on roads with undulations and those that are rough, you will surely ride without having tantrums thrown at your back.

Price and fuel efficiency

This bike has the honor for a great price-to-performance ratio. The manufacture has priced the AS 200 at Rs 91, 550.  At this price, you get a contemporary looking machine with an engine that makes great power. With the bike, you can squeeze out 42.3kmpl at a steady 70kmph, which is 2kmpl higher than NS. The overall efficiency stands at 33.75kmpl.

 Early verdict

It is never easy to excel as a new brand. However, as mentioned earlier, Bajaj has done a lot to infuse the Adventure Sport traits in AS 200. With the design, ride and handling engine refinement, and fuel consumption, this model outshines the existing NS200.  This is a good looking and a fairly great touring machine which cannot just be ignored. It is a dream bike, visit any of the nearest Bajaj showroom and get one at an affordable cost.

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