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Bajaj Discover 125 Review, Features, Specifications

Discover 125 is amongst those Discover motorcycle models that are firstly released by the Bajaj Auto company in the Indian market of motorcycle. It may be an old model, but this does not mean that it can never serve its purpose in this new era. The company has allowed this model to undergo some great innovations, making it features-filled and more efficient as far as motorcycle driving is concerned.

A lot of people who have already experienced driving motorcycle said that it allowed them to go to distant places without any issue. Some even love the innovations on its design, making it look more modern in appearance.

Engine: 124.60 cc

Mileage: 82 kmpl

Power: 10.90 bhp

Price: Rs. 53,256

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Bajaj Discover 125 Specifications

Bajaj Discover 125 specifications and review.


Bajaj Discover 125 is built with a single cylinder, air-cooled engine, which has a displacement of 124.60 cc. The maximum power of it is 10.90 bhp at 8,000 rpm while its maximum torque is around 10.80 Nm at 5,500 rpm. With that being said, you can definitely say that this motorcycle is powerful enough, making it capable in running in the busy streets in the city and in the national highways as well.

One best thing about this motorcycle is it is built with 5 gears, which is quite unique for an older version. Most of the older motorcycle models available today only have 4 gears. Its frame is a semi-double cradle type, which really looks great. Its wheels are of high quality since these are made from expensive alloy materials. The tyres are even tubeless, of course. It has change drive transmission kind, and its ignition is specially made to be DTS-i with ExhausTEC.

Bajaj Discover 125 has carburetor as its fuel delivery system, and the petrol type it requires is petrol. The maximum amount of fuel it can store on its fuel tank is around 8 litres, which is not bad when you are about to travel to farther places in your region. It is also a very fuel-efficient motorcycle since it has a mileage of 82 kmpl. With this remarkable mileage, there is no question why you can save a lot of money from the fuel expenses. It even has a top speed of 100 kmph, so you can surely say that it runs fast, just like the other modern versions of this motorcycle.

For safety, this motorcycle has a drum braking system that will allow you to have full control on the speed when you are driving it. You won’t even have uncomfortable moments while riding on it since it has a ground clearance of 165 mm and a seat height of 800 mm. With these details, you can definitely sit according to your comfortable position when you drive it. Lastly, it has an ex-showroom price of Rs. 53,256 which is affordable enough when compared to others.

 Bajaj Discover 125 Design

 Bajaj Discover 125 is now made new-looking compared before. It’s all thanks to its new high quality paint scheme that is accompanied with some beautiful stickers. Gorgeous graphics are added on the headlamp area, fuel tank area, and in some other body panels of this motorcycle. When it comes to color, you can have some options for Bajaj Discover 125 of course. You can go for flame red, electron blue, ebony black with blue graphics, and ebony black with deep red graphics.

Bajaj Discover 125 Features

 One of the amazing features loved by many about Bajaj Discover 125 is its suspension. Its front part is made with telescopic forks suspension while on the back portion is a Nitrox suspension. With that being said, there is no way you cannot have comfortable riding and driving experience with this motorcycle. It also has analogue speedometer, fuel gauge, and electric start.


Without a doubt, Bajaj Discover 125 is the best buy for you, as far as motorcycle is concerned. It will never leave you disappointed when it comes to its performance and so many other things.


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