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5 Beauty Tips to Make You Look Gorgeous

In this modern world one is always concerned about how he/she looks. This is due to the fact that we live in a society where your looks are the best way to describe one’s personality and stature along with class in the society. The people generally look at you and make various perceptions about your style and looks, and then they decide your personality accordingly. That’s why we all take a very special care of how we our looks are; first impression is the last impression.

Following are some of the best beauty tips:

top 5 beauty tips

Exfoliate Your Skin:

Exfoliate means to remove or shed extra or unwanted things. So, in order to shed away your deal layer of skin cells you should exfoliate at least a minimum of 3 times per week. This eventually removes the dead layers from your skin. It allows your fresh moist skin to breathe and naturally hydrate the oil glands making your skin glow.

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Moisturize and Protect your NAILS:

Whenever you go and meet people, the first thing that you do is to shake hands with them. So, your nails come into consideration there. So, to improve them, rub petroleum jelly or thick cream on you dry brittle nails, which will eventually hold moisture around them. Moreover, wear vinyl gloves every time you wash anything such as dishes or cloths in order to protect your nails from dirt.

Avoid Skin Destroyers:

By skin destroyers we mean that the things that have a bad impact on your healthy skin. These include smoking, tanning salons and sunbathing. An excess of sunlight can lead to bad effects so always apply SPF on your skin. These effects over limits can become potentially life threatening also. However, it is pertinent to mention here that sun light in optimal quantity is good for your skin. Do not just avoid sunlight. Regulate the amount of sunbath you are taking.

Put Eggs in your Hair:

Don’t get amazed by the title that is to put eggs in your hair, yes you heard it correct. Apply eggs on your hair to make them feel good. The way to do it is to mix one egg with a small amount of shampoo and apply this paste to your hair for at least 5 minutes and then rinse them well. This so called shampoo omelet will help your hair becoming great by feeding them the much required protein in your hair.

Wash your Face with Natural Products:

For the last tip on beauty, the face is the major area where everyone’s attraction goes. So, to make it good, always try to wash it with things made with natural products such as rose, glycerin, natural cold cream, etc. This activity should be done at least twice a day to remove skin damaging ingredients from the face.   Face is the most important part of your overall beauty. Do not neglect it. Beauty needs care and preference. Do not overdo anything. An optimal beauty care solution should be adopted.

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