A man’s dressing is not full until he wears a watch on his wrist. From long time watch has been a style icon and a piece of stature for men to show their class in the society. But you cannot just take a watch and wear it to show your class and stature, it must be unique. So, many companies around the globe are in it bringing the best in class watches. Some of the famous brands are: –

1.  ROLEX:


Agree or not, but the ROLEX is the most convenient and prestigious watch brands that brings to you the most classic and greatest status symbol. The brand was founded in 1905 and is producing more than 3200 watches every day. It is a common name in this industry.

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2. TAG Heuer:

One of the most famous Swiss brands, this company was founded in 1860 and was last purchased by LVMH in 1999. The company is famous for producing the best in class watches which suits a great professional guy.

3. Omega:

This Swiss company is also considered as one of the biggest players in the watch industry that has taken the evaluation of watches to the next level. It was founded in year 1848. Swiss companies are always favorite ones for buyers.

4. Panerai:

This luxurious watch brand is known worldwide to offer a nice mix of Swiss quality with an Italian design from the day when it was founded. It has some top watched sought in the market.

5. IWC:

Since 1968, this brand has also got the recognition to produce one of the best watches for men by providing some very good high end watches. Quality and durability both are their attributes.

6. Patek Philippe:

Another Swiss brand providing you some of the best designed mechanical watches giving it a name of king of watches. It produces the most expensive watch the Graves Super complication.

7. Lange and Sohne:

This brand was founded in 1985 in Germany and is also one of the leading watch brands in the world and is known widely for producing some very good man watches providing you a great class.

8. Montblanc:

Just like its reputation in the pens industry, the company has also got some hard name in the world of luxury watches. The company was founded in 1990.It is still competing hard to become number one in this industry.

9. Breitling:

This 1884 founded brand is headquartered in Switzerland. The company manufactures luxury watches using only Swiss components helping it to stand unique from others.

10. Hublot:

Despite of being very young, the brand has created a unique place for itself in the watch market since its founding in 1976. It has some top selling watches in its list.

So these were the top 10 brands dealing in watches. A watch just have style and durability both. These watch companies are famous because they have maintained the quality since a long time.

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