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The List of Top 10 Most Popular SCOOTY in India

Without any hassle related to gear shifting plus and added advantage of smooth riding and good fuel efficiency, this is what most of the Indian riders need these days. And the best thing to do to get all these features is to buy a Scooty. But with so many options available which one to buy is a quite relevant query. To relieve you from this great confusion we are here with the best scooties in the current trend in India.

So here is the list of them:

  1. Yamaha Ray:

Yamaha Ray

This is one of the best looking scooty in India. With cool imprinting and sleek design, this little beast is quite famous. This scooty gives a great average of 62 kmpl from its 113 cc 7 bhp engine. It can produce a good torque of about 8.10 Nm.

The Scooty comes with a price tag of Rs. 51,572.


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  1. Honda Activa –i:

Honda Activa –i

A good lightweight and stylish vehicle to look out for. If you are serious about the design and the durability, this is the right choice. This scooty has a 109.19cc engine that can give a great 8bhp power. It can produce a torque of 10.10 Nm.

It has a price tag of Rs. 49,853


  1. TVS Scooty Zest 100:

TVS Scooty Zest 100

This scooty is also a great buying option for those looking for something cheaper along with reliability. The scooty comes with a 110 cc engine which gives you a good mileage of 62 kmpl on the scrubby roads of India. It can produce torque up to 8.70 Nm.

It has a price tag of Rs. 47,261


  1. Hero Pleasure:

Hero Pleasure

This model is quite popular among the young Indian girls and women because of its light and zippy nature that suits the fairer sex more. It is powered by 102 cc engine and has a good mileage of 63 kmpl.

It has an ex- showroom price of Rs. 46,779.


  1. TVS Scooty Pep+:

TVS Scooty Pep+

It is very lightweight and low powered Scooty with an 88 cc engine. It gives a mileage of about 68 kmpl. It is more suited for girls and women.

It is priced around Rs. 42,153

  1. TVS Jupiter:

TVS Jupiter

A model that was launched by TVS keeping in mind of its male consumers. It is built on the basis of Wego platform. It has a 109 cc engine.

It has a buying amount of Rs. 50, 398.


  1. Yamaha Alpha:

Yamaha Alpha

It was launched in the 2014 Indian Auto Expo to fit the Indian consumer needs of power along with style. It has a 113 cc engine which can give an outstanding 62 kmpl mileage.

A scooty of around Rs. 53,709


  1. Vespa SXL 150:

Vespa SXL 150

A monster unleashed in this sweet and sober looking list, this150 cc Scooty is for those who want to match their vehicles capabilities with that of a bike but with no gears.

It comes at a greater price of Rs. 91,170.


  1. Suzuki Let’s:

Suzuki Let’s

A SEP powered scooty with a price tag of Rs. 46,722. It is a great buy option for the tuff Indian roads. The scooter gives a great average of 64 kmpl. It comes with a torque of 9 Nm.


  1. Hero Maestro:

Hero Maestro

A Scooty especially meant for men. It has 109 cc engines which gives a good mileage of 68 kmpl. Hero maestro has gained quite popularity in Indian market.

It is a great buy with Rs. 49,712 in the market.

While buying any scooty, must consider the mileage as a benchmark. The other things to note down are the after sales and spare apart availability in the market.

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