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The List of Top 10 Tata Cars In 2016

Tata Motors have led the segment for commercial cars for decades. One of the most trusted and reliable automobile company of India. Tata Motors have brought a lot of innovation to the industry and have specified their vehicles as per the Indian car buyer’s requirements.

Let us have a look at the Top Ten Tata cars.


  1. TATA Nano


The cutest car ever made by the Tata’s. It gives the look of a two seater, but is a four seater with excellent fuel efficiency and low cost of maintenance. Price ranges between Rs. 2.0 lacs to Rs 2.9 lacs.

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  1. TATA Indica EV2

TATA Indica EV2

Tata Indica has been used abundantly for commercial purpose as a tourist car. It can accommodate up to five people, gives good mileage and is value for money. Priced between Rs 4.0 lacs to 5.10 lacs

  1. TATA Bolt


Tata Bolt is the best in this category. A superb engine with  88bhp with 140 nm torque in 1200cc in this segment. Priced between Rs. 4.50 lacs to Rs. 7.0 lacs

  1. TATA Zest

Tata Zest

Tata Zest is one of the best compact sedans. Both the exteriors and the interiors are par excellence and are excellent on both city roads and Highway. The Zest also has a Harmon Cardon system mounted on it. It a value for money car. Price ranges between Rs. 4.9 lacs to Rs. 8.10 lacs

  1. Tata Indigo ECS

Tata Indigo ECS

Tata Indigo ECS has a neat design. The reading lights, anti glare IVRM and good leg room for tall people adds a touch of royalty to it. It is priced in betweenRs. 5.10 lacs to Rs 6.20 lacs.

  1. Tata Sumo

Tata Sumo

Does anybody need introduction to the Grand Tata Sumo.The brand Sumo spells of reliability, heavily used for tourism; this eight seater wonder has developed enough trust in the mind of the transporters. Prices between Rs. 6.30 lacs to Rs. 7.90 lacs

  1. Tata Movus

Tata Movus

Tata Movus has multiple seating, spacious cabin space and low running cost. This eight seater, has an excellent pick up and great driving pleasure. It is priced between Rs. 7.80 lacs to Rs. 8.10 lacs

  1. Tata Safari

Tata Safari

Tata Safari with its macho looks, makes it a choice for a buy in both Urban and semi urban cities. The most popular SUV is certified as per 74/297/EEC for driver protection making it one of the highest selling Tata cars. It is priced between, Rs. 9.0 lacs to Rs. 10.30 lacs.

  1. Tata Safari Storme

Tata Safari Storme

Tata safari Storme’s, honey comb front grill, and gives it an international look, thus the bonnet looks fab. It also has a multi functional steering with audio controls for a better driving experience. It has a Varicor 400 engine and 155PS and 400NmIt making it gushing with power. It is priced at Rs. 10.0 lacs to Rs. 14.60 lacs

  1. Tata Aria

Tata Aria

Tata Aria has 3 variants and is a six seater with abundant leg space and comfortable cabin space. It has an engine power of 155PS and 400Nm and a torque of 320Nm @ 1500-3000rpm. It is priced between Rs. 10.50 lacs to Rs. 15.50 lacs

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