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List of Top 10 BMW Cars in India 2016

BMW that is British Motor Works is a very famous brand of luxurious and powerful cars in the world. BMW has a reputation of producing elegant and sophisticated cars since a very long time. BMW has various cars for each section of the society. It has gained a lot of loyal audience in India in a short span of time. After sales support of BMW is magnificent.

  1. BMW X6


BMW X6, has a huge street presence because of it’s attractive size, height and electrifying colours. The engine has a eight box speed box and, churns out 301bhp and 600Nm. Available at a price of Rs 1.15 crore to Rs. 1.60 crore.


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  1. BMW X5


X5 with it’s extremely sporty built, is undoubtedly one of the most popular sedans. The adaptable headlights gives it versatility. It has an engine speed at 4395 cc, Petrol, 575 bhp @ 6000 RPM power. Priced between Rs. 65.9 lacs to Rs 1.55 crore.

  1. BMW M3


M3 has finely balanced power with weight. The car is much lighter than the outgoing car. For the record, 425bhp is developed between 5500 and 7300rpm and the 56kgm of torque is on offer from 1850rpm, all the way to 5500rpm. Available at a price of Rs. 1.13 crore

  1. BMW M4


M4 is a four seater with a 7 speed automatic RWD. It churns out 2979 cc, Petrol, 425 bhp @ 5500 RPM power. Priced at Rs. 1.19 crore.

  1. BMW Z4


Z4 is available in an electrifying Valencia orange colour. It can open it’s roof in 20 seconds even when the car is moving at a speed of less than 40km/hr. It is priced at Rs 72.9 lacs to Rs. 73.9 lacs

  1. BMW M6


M6 has classy interiors and has a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 567bhp and 69.3kgm of torque. Priced at Rs. BMW also claims of a 4.1sec 0-100kph time for the Gran Coupe. It is priced at Rs. 1.17 crore

  1. BMW M5


M5’s massive M wheels, tweaked tail lights and the twin-turbo, 4.4-litre V8 is a vehicle people would rave about. The 69.3kgm of torque kicks in at 1500rpm and weighs 1,945kg. It is priced at Rs. 1.30 crore.

  1. BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 series

BMW 7 series comes in six versions. A dream car with amazing space, comfort and luxury.It has a power of 2979 cc, Petrol, 320 bhp @ 5800 RPM power. It is priced between Rs. 92.50 lacs to 1.95 crores

  1. BMW X1


X1 when launched was an instant hit in the market. It is a fuel efficient car with eight speed box and a very powerful motor. It is available at a price of Rs. 37.9 lacs.

  1. BMW X3


X3 is an owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy. It has three versions. It has a power of 1995 cc, Diesel, 190 bhp @ 4000 RPM power.It is priced between, Rs. 46.9 lacs to Rs. 59.9 lacs

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