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The world’s cheapest Smartphone is here. The price of a Smartphone is only Rs 251. This is a great Smartphone for us, we must buy it. These were some of the thoughts and rumors that were roaming around in every corner of the Indian territory from a couple of days. But after its release today, the rumors are going on that the company and the mobile phone itself is nothing but a piece of FAKE. Yes, you heard it right; the mobile phone is a fake. We are not saying this, but the people and the thoughts that are roaming around in the country evidently proves it. Let’s check some of them.

Fraud Freedom 251

The company has marked its price as of Rs 251, which itself of course is a loss making Endeavour as selling the phone at that kind of price will not benefit the company at all. It is also evident from the fact that the specs used to describe it itself will cost around Rs 1000 if we consider them thoroughly.

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Moreover the company itself is not certified from the Bureau of Standards of India as per a report from media. This if considered then prohibits the company from selling the Smartphone in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, the company has also said that it has used the design of Apple’s iPhone in it, making it a concern of a copyright claim from the tech world giant.

Also looking and digging deeper into the investigation, the company itself was established just about a year ago by its director, then how is it possible to bring a smart phone like this at such a low price without worrying about the profits to the company. And the trial device which was sent by the company actually featured brand name of an entirely different company which is known as Adcom. This brand name was whitened out due to the fact that it is just a Delhi based importer of gadgets and they have clearly stated that they have no business with the company or the smart phone.

So, the question now that comes to everyone’s mind now that what the hell is going on now? If reports are to be considered this is clearly a case where nobody can be sure that is it real, or another scam that will hit India in the coming months with over 6 lacs hits per second on the site, the company is sure to have a whooping business. What we can do is just sit and hope for the best to happen.

Maybe the company is increasing the bank balance and then trying to get some commission out of it. The commission might compensate the price gap. India has also seen major scams like Golden forestry, Shardha chit fund and much more. But in current time of social media and awareness it looks a hard nut to crack. Let us all hope for the best.

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