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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Review 2016

The new distinction in performance, TVS Apache RTR in all new concept on the roads. The bike rides on intelligent designs for the real efficiency on the roads. And an overall of more than expected standards from TVS on its base class performer speculated on the endurance of Indian roads. A class produce from TVS for the roads of Indian terrain with almost every detail inspected and endured in comfort,style and elegance.


New and bold Apache:

A patronized digital console and the immaculate style quotient absorbed in Apache is a class that is not matched by many other performance bikes in the Indian market. The class has been a candy to many enthusiasts as the designs are pretty subtle as compared to the features being noticed on the performance. The base colors are 5 matte finishes and 2 glossy variants that has pretty the right ambiance and maintenance-free features looked in with the designs.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V- Features

Ride on Apache RTR:

With crafted instruments, a high performance engine and clear 128 Kmph on the top speed, the bike has lot in place for utmost comfort and safety on the roads. The brakes are dual channeled ABS on the top variant of Apache that comes with a reworked total anti–skid features specially tested on the Indian roads. The all new Apache comes with 197 cc single cylinder engine with oil cooling system in place, and an impressive performance compared to the predecessors of the class of performance bikes in the segment. The general review on the preliminary rounds of riding experience were state positive, with many high rate remarks on the performance on streets of India.

Too Economical off the Stands:

With all the conventional performance features introduced in the bike, the price hasn’t been a star struck feature for Apache. The sleek and stylish has only been on the fringe of economical range for the bikes of the same class and instincts. Moreover the bike is based on the complete simulated intelligent process designs for the best performance at all aspects on the ride with Apache RTR.TVS expects to ride the wind in the segment with Apache all season. The class and the style of Apache has turned into a load appeal in the first few weeks off the launch in the cities of India. The company expects the same vibe to trend in other markets including the rural and the special niches of Indian Market.

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