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10 Types of Dress Materials Young Girls in India Love to Wear Instead Of Sarees

Saree is something which is regarded as the global symbol of India and this is the reason why you can see many Indian celebrities making appearance in international events, draped in this amazing garment. Not only this, saree has reached heights of popularity on a global scale too. Sarees look graceful and elegant on every Indian woman and also on women around the world. Sarees look perfect for festive occasions and wedding, but they have been replaced by other garments, which are now being used for office wear and daily wear purposes. With the passage of time, several other fancy handloom dress materials have made a place in the wardrobe of young Indian girls, in addition to sarees.

Here are 10 types of dress materials young girls in India would love to wear instead of sarees:


  1. Salwar Kameez

A dress common to the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, salwar kameez is becoming a hot favorite all over the country. It comprises of a tunic at top along with a loose trouser, which are complimented with a matching stole or dupatta. The garment scores full marks on the comfort aspect and also looks good and decent. It comes in several designs and materials, including fancy handloom dress material.

  1. Kurti

Kurtis make a great choice for working women as they are convenient to wear and also make a style statement. Kurtis come in varying lengths and are worn with trousers, jeans or tights. Indian women mostly prefer cotton kurtis as they offer them casual style and comfort.

  1. Churidar Kurta

Churidar kurta is another popular dress among young Indian women. It combines the comfort of salwar kameez with the grace of kurti. It features a long tunic with a tight trouser, which is pleated at the calf area.

  1. Lehnga Choli

Lehnga Choli, the traditional dress of Gujarati and Rajasthani women, comes next on the list. The basic components of the dress are a tight choli top along with a pleated skirt at the bottom. The garment features vibrant colors and exquisite embroidery.

  1. Anarkali Suits

Another popular dress worn by young women instead of sarees is the anarkali suit, which is a stylish adaptation of salwar kameez. In this dress, the kameez or the tunic gets the classic umbrella cut and is worn along with a churidar trouser. This dress is perfect for formal occasions and comes in heavy embroidery and embellished designs.

  1. Langa Voni

Langa Voni is the South Indian replica of the lehnga choli. The three piece apparel with a long flowing skirt is popular in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

  1. Reshme Langa

Another traditional South Indian garment loved by young women is Reshme Langa, which is also called Pattu Pavadai. Girls wear this graceful silk dress before their marriage.

  1. Mekhela Sador

Women in Assam wear Mekhela Sador as a traditional dress, instead of saree. Comprising of three pieces, the dress has Mekhela, the sarong like lower part, the Sador or the top and the Riha, which is worn beneath the Sador.

  1. Dhoti Pants

The new craze among young girls and women in India is the garment called dhoti pants, which look the best when worn with fitted tops.

  1. Long Skirts

Long skirts worn with short kurtis also look graceful on young Indian girls and can be worn casually as well as on formal occasions.

Indian women today have a lot of options besides sarees, which they can carry on all kinds of occasions.

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