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Top 6 Earthquakes Ever in India

One of the scariest natural disasters is earthquake, which takes place when the tectonic plates slide over each other, causing the earth to tremble. While minor earthquakes are common phenomena in certain parts of the world, the stronger ones may be potentially dangerous, causing tremendous loss of life and property. India has witnessed a large number of earthquakes, with some of them being widely destructive, as many of its regions lie in earthquake prone belt. The worst thing about earthquakes is that they take you unawares, coming suddenly and bringing widespread destruction, causing tragic deaths and destruction of homes.

Here is a List of top 6 Worst Earthquakes Ever in India, Mentioned in Chronological Order:

Top 6 Earthquakes Ever in India

  1. Kangra Earthquake (1905)

The earthquake which rocked the Kangra Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in 1905 is one of the worst ones to hit the country. This massive earthquake, which measured 7.8 on the Richter Scale, took place on 4th April, 1905 at 6:10 AM. It took toll of 20000 lives and rendered thousands homeless.

  1. Bihar Earthquake (1934)

After the devastating earthquake of 1905, another major earthquake came on the afternoon of 15TH January, 1934, this time in the state of Bihar. The quake had its epicenter 240 km away from Kathmandu in Nepal. It measures a big 8.7 on the Richter scale and killed more than 30000 innocent people, besides causing huge loss of property.

  1. Latur Earthquake (1993)

The next earthquake on the list of worst earthquakes to have hit Idia was the one which hit Latur in Maharashtra on the fateful day of 30th September, 1993. The intensity of this earthquake was 6.4. more than 52 villages were totally destroyed in the earthquake, which claimed more than 20000 lives.

  1. Gujarat Earthquake (2001)

The morning of the Republic Day in 2001 turned out to be destructive for the state of Gujarat, which suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on Richter Scale. More than 20000 people were killed and 30000 were injured in this tragic incident.

  1. The Indian Ocean Earthquake (2004)

One of the worst natural disasters in the history of the country was the one which hit the Indian Ocean in 2004, on the morning of 26th January, 2004. It measured around 9 on Richter Scale, making it the third biggest in the world in terms of magnitude and was followed by a destructive tsunami. The death toll of the quake exceeded 2 lakh in India alone, while Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand were also affected. The reason was that the beaches of South India were crowded with tourists, who had come there to celebrate Christmas. Thousands of people went missing in the massive tsunami which struck the beaches.

Though there is no known reason behind the occurrence of earthquakes, but it is believed that they are caused by disruption of ecological balance, when humans cause unprecedented cutting of trees and construction of buildings and roads, which results in weakening of earth. With many earthquake prone areas in the country, efforts need to made to prevent upsetting of balance of the earth.

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