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Best Ways to Keep Feet Warm in Winter

Winter season can be tough on your body, particularly your feet, because you may never be able to keep them warm, whatever means you apply. And if your feet are cold, you will keep shivering through the day and have sleepless nights too. But there are some simple solutions, which can be employed to keep your feet warm in winter.

Some of the Best Ways to Keep Feet Warm in Winter:

Keep Feet Warm in Winter

  1. Wear Warm Socks

The market is flooded with various brands of warm socks, which can be a great aid for keeping your feet warm. These come in a variety of warm fabrics, but the best ones are homemade socks knitted with warm wool as these can be really effective for this purpose. Thermal socks are also useful for extra warmth.

  1. Double up your Socks

Another smart way to ward off cold from your feet is to wear a double layer of socks, which give you insulation for your feet by trapping warm air between the two layers and give an excellent cozy feeling on your feet.

  1. Warm, Dry Socks for your Feet

Your socks may get sweaty even during winter, if you have been wearing them for the whole day. These damp socks can cause your feet to become chilled; so you need to change them periodically to avoid this. Another thing you can do is warm them a bit using electric iron or dryer before wearing them, so that they do not feel cold when they come in contact with your feet.

  1. Warm Foot Bath

If your feet are really cold, you can dip them in a tub full of warm water for some time, in order to warm them up by increasing blood circulation in the area. Additionally, you can have a foot massage with a foot cream for more warmth. Follow this up by wearing warm socks and shoes/slippers over them.

  1. Using a Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is a great remedy for cold feet. Just keep a hot water bottle under your feet and you will get a heavenly feeling of warmth. Covering up with a blanket will make you feel even better.

  1. Exercising

Warming up by mild exercising such as walking, jogging or simply stretching your feet and toes can help you get rid of the freezing feeling on your feet. You can have your blood circulation enhanced by exercising and make your feet as well as your whole body feel warmer.

  1. Wearing Lightweight and Fitted Shoes

It is not only your socks which can warm up your feet, but your shoes matter too. Wearing lightweight shoes, with warm lining is helpful. Also make sure that they fit you snugly so that you do not have cold air coming in contact with your feet.

  1. Sit in the Sun

Exposing your feet to the natural heat of the sun during winter is essential. Make sure that you sit out in the sun for at least an hour or two during the day, with your feet left bare to experience the warmth of the sun.

  1. Woolen Slippers

These days, woolen slippers are easily available in the market, which you can wear over your socks for getting that extra warm feeling for your cold feet.

  1. Wear Warm Clothing

The key to keeping your feet warm lies in staying overall warm, for which you must wear a hat and warm clothing. Also, if it is very cold outside, sit in a blanket in a temperature controlled room. Having warm drinks can also be useful.

You can use these simple tips and have a safe and warm winter, with your feet snug and cozy all through it.

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