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Top 10 Professional Bloggers in India 2014

Blogging has become a lucrative profession these days, which enables you make easy earning online without investing a great deal of funds. As a result, this profession has seen a sudden boom in India and more and more professional bloggers are joining the race, to earn money as well as get creative job satisfaction.

Listed below are the Top 10 Professional Bloggers in India 2014:

1: Amit Agarwal:

Amit Agarwal

On the top of the list of top professional bloggers in the country is Amit Agarwal, who was a Computer Engineer by profession, but left his job in 2004 to start his career as the first professional blogger in India. He started an organization called India Blog School in 2010, aimed to generate awareness regarding blogging culture in India. He runs the blog called www.labnol.com.

2: Harsh Agarwal:

Harsh Agarwal

Next on the list of top 10 professional bloggers in India is Harsh Agarwal, who made an entry into this field in 2008, writing about SEO, social media and other tips related to starting a website. Before starting as a full time blogger, Harsh used to work with the company called Convergys. His blog url is www.ShoutMeLoud.com.

3: Amit Bhawani:

Amit Bhawani

Another successful blogger in India is Amit Bhawani, who does blogging part time besides owning a digital solutions company in Hyderabad. This young man is quite an inspiration for others and writes on a variety of topics including heath, technology, career, youth, entertainment, automobiles and much more. He also works as the SEO manager for his blog, which has the url www.amitbhawani.com.

4: Kulwant Nagi:

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is another experienced Indian blogger, who writes informative blogs related with providing solutions to the blogging problems of people, so that they can easily earn money online. I personally a big Follower of him, most of his articles are very helpful and He reply to every comments Personally. His blog url is www.bloggingcage.com.

5: S. Pradeep Kumar:

S. Pradeep Kumar

Featuring next on this list is the successful Chennai based blogger S. Pradeep Kumar is the founder of the blog called HellBoundBloggers, which is part of his blog network called Slashsquare network. This is a tech blog, considered one of the best in the niche, dealing with tech stuff like social media, WordPress and blogging.

6: Srinivas Tamada:

Srinivas Tamada

Next among the top professional bloggers in the country is the Chennai based young man called Srinivas Tamada, who started his career in 2008 and has reached great heights and become one of the highest earning bloggers in India, in his early twenties only. The blog url of the talented young blogger is www.9lessons.info.

7: Imran Uddin:

Imran Uddin

Another youngster on the list of best professional bloggers in India is Imran Uddin, who is still pursuing his graduate degree in engineering, but has made it big in the field of web development and programming. His blog www.Alltechbuzz.com deals with SEO niche.

8: Ashish Sinha:

Ashish Sinha

Next on the list is the blogger entrepreneur Ashish Sinha, whose blog www.nextbigwhat.com deals with various functional areas of business including product management, apps, entrepreneurship, technology and Indian business startups. It is a helpful blog for those planning to set up new business to earn more money.

9: Shraddha Sharma:

Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma is the first female blogger to feature on the list of top 10 professional bloggers in India. Shraddha is the founder and chief editor of a noted website for young entrepreneurs, besides working with leading brands such as CNBC and Times of India. The blog url run by her is www.yourstory.com.

10: Varun Krishnan:

Varun Krishnan

Another leading professional blogger in India is Varun Krishnan, who owns a website related to cell phones and tech articles. His blog deals with latest technological developments and the newest launched or to be launched gadgets. His blog url is www.fonearena.com

All these professional bloggers have done well in this field and are earning lots of money, besides becoming a source of inspiration for the Indian youngsters.

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