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Top 10 Street Foods of Chennai

Chennai is the food capital of South India, where you are likely to get diverse dishes on streets as well as restaurants, which are rich examples of the South Indian cuisine. A complete variety of such foods are showcased on the streets of this city.

Listed Below are the Top 10 Street Foods of Chennai:

1: Idli Sambar

Idli Sambar

The staple diet of the southern part of the country is idli sambar, which is also the hot favorite on the streets of Chennai. These rice cakes are light, healthy and nutritious, and make a perfect combination with the delicate tasting sambar, containing the flavors of aromatic spices. Added to the dish are condiments like coconut and garlic chutney.

2: Vada


Vadas are savory fried snacks made by deep frying a rounded batter of ground urad dal in liberal dose of oil. This tempting dish is either served in combination with sambar, as sambar vada, or with curd and chutney, as dahi vada.

3: Uttapam


Another hit street food in Chennai is Uttapam, which refers to a thick pancake, which is filled with the healthful goodness of veggies like onions, tomatoes, capsicums and chillies. Also called the desi pizza, this dish is great for breakfast as it packs both taste and health.

4: Dosa


South India is synonymous with the word dosa. You are likely to find this crispy and thin pancake in each and every street corner of the city. it comes in huge varieties, ranging from plain to masala, onion rava and a lot many more. Dosas are served with sambhar, coconut chutney and garlic chutney. They make a favorite anytime snack in this part of the country and are popular all over India.

5: Parottas


Another one among the best street foods of Chennai is a dish called Parottas, which comprise of meat and eggs, along with a spicy hot sauce called salna. This is an ideal snack dish, served in combination with delicious onion raita.

6: Idiyappam


Next food item on this list is the breakfast or dinner special called idiyappam, which is made by pressing rice flour into noodles and cooking them using the healthy technique of steaming. The delicious treat is served with coconut chutney and spicy curry.

7: Pani Puri

Pani Puri

Pani puri is a street dish common to the whole nation, though it is known by different names, like gol gappas in the North and puchkas in the East. The regional variations in this mouth watering street food, however, are seen in different states, but they are relished with equal delight in every part of the country.

8: Chaat


Another street food available abundantly in the city of Chennai is the gift of the North, called chaat, available in the form of aloo tikkis, samosa chaats and paapdi chaats. You can also lay your hands on some Maharashtrian delights like bhel puri, sev puri and pav bhaji.

9: Atho


A respite from the typical South Indian food comes in the form of the traditional Burmese street food called Atho. It consists of boiled noodles, flavored with wonderful spices and having veggies like cabbage and onions added to it.

10: Upma


Another popular street food of Chennai is upma, which refers to a thick porridge made up of roasted semolina/sooji and flavored with seasonings and enriched with vegetables.

You can easily get all these amazing street foods in the city of Chennai at highly affordable prices!

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  1. Hi Narayan,
    This is really a mouth watering treat for us especially we the South Indians, in fact except one or two like the Pani puri chat and Atho rest all belongs to the south! LOL of course now the North Indians too are very fond of these foods and to your surprise in New Delhi, Mumbai and some other parts of north these South Indian foods are available in plenty. Hey hey, what exactly is this Atho, can you explain it little more, is it a Chinese food!
    Thanks Narayan for sharing this.
    Keep writing

    Hey, by the way who is the photographer? Nice pics! You? or taken from some other sources, in that case you need to give the source credit right!
    Have a wonderful week end
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    • I am 100% Vegetarian so I like all Veg Foods, So here in this Post few are Non-Veg. Few Snaps My Wife gave me and few recipes and images few of my friends suggested me and they gave me the images, I will have to ask them where they got it, I will update the credit after getting reply from them.

      Well Atho is not a Native Cuisine of Chennai, its a Burmese cuisine but widely popular in Chennai, I never tested it as its Non-Veg but my friend was telling its taste very good and its also knows as Rice Noodle… This is what i know but still I will ask him a detail about it and how to cook it.

      Thanks again for your valuable comment.

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