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Top 10 Best Street Foods of Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams and also nothing less than paradise for food lovers in India, providing a huge variety of delicious food items, out of which street foods are absolutely outstanding and unforgettable. All the street food items available in Mumbai are very affordable and wonderful enough to leave an everlasting taste on the tongues of food lovers.

Listed below are the Top 10 best Street Foods of Mumbai:


1: Pav Bhaji


A wonderful and delicious street food of Mumbai is pav bhaji, a rich vegetable masala dish cooked along with a generous helping of butter and served along with bread (pav) toasted in a dollop of butter. The dish is extremely tasty and nutritious. You can get undoubtedly the best pav bhaji in Mumbai at a place called Sardar Pav Bhaji located at the Tardeo Road Junction.

2: Vada Pav


Next on the list comes the desi counterpart of veg burger, known as vada pav. It consists of a deep fried potato patty wrapped up in a chick pea batter, wrapped up in a pav/bread, spiced up with a garlic and green chilli chutney. This is the staple street food dish of the state of Maharashtra, relished because of its hot, delicious taste.

3: Bhel Puri


Bhel Puri is an amazingly light and fantastically flavored snack food item available on the streets of the city of Mumbai. It is made using a very simple recipe, blending simple ingredients like puffed rice, savory snacks, boiled potatoes, chopped onions and tomatoes, in a mix of tamarind and chilly chutneys to create this great tasting dish. It is a hot seller on the beaches of Juhu and Chowpatty.

4: Pani Puri

Mumbai-Pani Puri

Pani Puri, known as Gol Gappas in the North, have transcended the boundaries of states to become one of the best selling street foods all over the country. It consists of mouth watering thin, crisp balls of sooji (semolina), served by filling a spicy concoction of masalas in water.

5: Kebabs


Among the best street foods of Mumbai are the tempting kebabs, available on small smoking stalls on the street corners of the city. The tender seekh kebabs are made up of beef, totally crisp on the outside and melting in the center, enhanced with the wonderful flavor of mint.

6: Keema Pav

Mumbai-Keema Pav

Keema Pav is yet another delicious street food of the city, made up with minced meat cooked along with hefty dose of butter and flavored with some of the most aromatic spices, served along with the traditional bread called pavs.

7: Crab


Featuring next on the list is the fantastic traditional street food of Mumbai, is the popular seafood dish made cooking a crab in butter and garlic, which lends it an absolutely unique flavor.

8: Ragda Pattice

Mumbai-Ragda Pattice

Ragda Pattice is the Maharashtrian variant of aloo tikki of the Northern India. Served along with yummy condiments like sliced onions and mint and tamarind chutneys, ragda pattice make an all time favorite street snacks of the Mumbaikars.

9: Kandha Poha

Mumbai-Kandha Poha

Kandha Poha is another favorite street dish item of Mumbai, which is not only delicious to eat, but also great for health. It is a popular breakfast dish, cooked with the basic ingredients of flattened rice (poha) and onions (kandha).

10: Bombil Fry

Mumbai-Bombil Fry

Another sea food based street food dish of Mumbai is Bombil Fry, or Bombil Fish Fry, which is a wonderful tasting dish available almost everywhere I the city.

All these street foods are an integral part of the cuisine of the great city and should not be missed at any cost.

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