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Top 10 Pre-Schools in Mumbai

Getting your child admitted to a good pre-school is a great way to give him a head start in life, as far as education is concerned. When you make a study of pre-schools in your city, you must keep in mind that it should not only aim to impart quality education to your child, but also endeavor to develop his overall personality and instill in him love for true knowledge.

There are many reputed pre-schools in Mumbai, out of which I am going to furnish the list of top 10 pre-schools in Mumbai:

1. Podar Jumbo Kids, Santacruz (W):

Topping the list of the best pre-schools in Mumbai is the reputed pre-school called Podar Jumbo Kids, which was established by the Podar Education Group in 1927. Besides providing quality education, this school lays stress on development of social, physical, emotional, communication and cognitive skills of its pupils.

2. Sophia Nursery, Sophia College:

This leading pre-school of the city was established in the Sophia College campus in 1971. It has some extraordinary facilities such as audio video labs, huge playgrounds, lush gardens and spacious classrooms.

3. West Wind, Breach Candy:

Next among the top 10 pre-schools of Mumbai is the West Wind pre-school located in the Breach Candy area. This school was founded long back, in the year 1947 and excels in imparting quality education, besides organizing field trips, sports day and national days celebrations.

4. Kangaroo Kids, Bandra:

Another leading play school of Mumbai, Kangaroo Kids was founded by Lina Ashar, and it focuses on development of sensory, mathematic, dramatic and play skills of the students, resulting in overall personality development.

5. Besant Montessori School, Juhu:

Besant Montessori is reputed pre-school of Mumbai, which dates back to the year 1948. It encourages students to participate in sports like chess, basketball, tennis, etc and activities like art and craft and music classes.

6. Eurokids, Lokhandwala, Andheri:

Another pre-school in Mumbai, which has earned a reputation for imparting world class education and facilities, is Eurokids, a part of the pre-school chain with the same name. it was founded in the year 2001 and offers facilities such as library, swimming pool, pantry and outdoor play.

7. Kangaroo Kids, Santacruz:

Another branch of the Kangaroo Kids pre-school which features on the list of top 10 pre-schools of Mumbai, after the Bandra branch is the Santacruz branch of the same school. It has also been founded by Lina Ashar and offers same facilities as the former one.

8. Casa Bambino, Bhulabhai Desai Road:

Casa Bambino, which was established in 1966, is another one among the best pre-schools in the city. Besides providing top quality education and extra facilities, this pre-school organizes events like sports days and annual concerts regularly.

9. Sunflower Nursery, Walkeshwar:

Featuring next on this list is the Sunflower Nursery located in Walkeshwar, Mumbai. This school gives equal importance to education as well as other co-curricular activities like aerobics, painting, gardening and swimming.

10. Little Bo Peep, Khar West:

Little Bo Peep is  a pre-school established in the year 2005, which adds to its curriculum playschool, nursery and junior K G classes. There are several fun activities to encourage overall personality development of the children of the school, besides events like Gardening Week, Sports Day, Market Day, etc.
Choose one of these pre-schools in Mumbai and be sure to give them a bright future.

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