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Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2014

The world has witnessed many breathtaking wonders through the power of technology. It has become an astounding supremacy of changing things through the everyday new inventions of technology.

So Here we are with the 2014 List of Top 10 Remarkable Works in Technology World.

1: Body-adjusted Wearable Gadgets


The wrists are full with wristbands; eyes are looking through Google Glass; chest is covered with a heart rate monitor. The wearable gadgets are making it fashionable as well as beneficiary for everyone. This has taken the boundaries of humans with technology to a new level especially the smart bands which are introduced in a very different way this year. This is predicted that it might go long in the field.

2: Carbon Fibers- Nanostructured

The world is about to see the crisis because of the rapid raptness of resources and also because some global environment issues. Vehicles are increasing and so is the use of fuel and so it is harming the world. The use of carbon fiber in cars will reduce the weights by 10% which will give us lighter cars and less fuel consumption. I can leave the next to your imagination.

3: Metals Mining using Desalination Brine

 The fresh water sources are falling constantly and in this state, the only way of having fresh water is desalination of seas. But the desalination of sea has serious draws. It produces a high amount of brine which costs the aquatic beings their lives. But now when this new technology of chemistry has come, the brine produced is used in extracting metals like lithium, magnesium, uranium etc.

4: Storing Electricity on Grid-scale

Storing electricity directly is not possible and the increasing equipment use has made the constant need of electricity very eminent.At this situation, the electricity storage in grid-scale has come up as a blessing for us.

5: Lithium-ion Batteries- Nanowire

Till now, the famous Li-ion batteries are used only in gadgets like laptops, mobiles, cameras etc. but the ability of providing more in less volume and weight has fascinated the electric car manufacturers too and now these faster charging batteries are taking will avail us more electric cars in future.

6: Screen-less Display

With screen-less, the first thought which might come to your mind is the projector. But let me tell you something totally unimaginable. The screen items directly projecting on the human eye retina. This technology will not only stop the equipping of space for big screens but will also bring privacy into account.

7: Brain-computer Interface

The computers are and will be growing in future. But from the very start, people have always been finding unique ways to handle the machine. Now they have designed something new. Now the brain will be in command for the computer. No need of doing anything, just think about it and your PC will do exactly what you thought.

8: Quantified Self (Predictive Analytics)

This feature will be a predictive method of one’s behavior, lifestyle, social activity, medicine personalization etc. through the smartphone used by him or her. The feature will use all the data of the user to predict things about its owner.

9: Smart TV’s will be Smarter

The big players in the TV game, like Samsung, Panasonic and LG will be endowing more features in their smart TV’s because the TV shipments are expected to touch more than 123 million in 2014. And these all big manufacturers would be well aware of the Apple’s iTV which might surprise in the market.

10: Agricultural Drones

The science has got something cheap and new for farmers too. With some more sensors and more imaging abilities, the new drones for agriculture will give farmers a nice way to stop crop damage and increase yields.

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