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10 Things You Need To Know Before You Propose Someone

Marriage is just like a leap of faith, which means that you have to go through it to find out how good or bad it can be for you. But it is the final destination of true love, a way to spend your whole life with the person whom you love with the core of your heart. However, the first step is to express your feelings for your loved one with a perfect marriage proposal. But there are a few things you must be aware of before you take this most crucial decision of your life.

 Here is a List of 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Propose Someone:

  • The Depth of Your Relationship

The first and foremost thing you need to know before you propose someone is the depth of your relationship. You need to focus on the fact whether you love a person enough to spend your whole life with him or her, despite their shortcomings. This is truly very important as you should not make any commitment in a hurry.
  • The Present Position

For a stable relationship, you really need to know the present status of the other person, regarding career, finance, family and all other things which are going to influence your lives after marriage. You also need to meet the family of that person before making the final decision.
  • The Past Relationship

Honesty is the true foundation of a stable and successful married life. Before you decide, you need to know about any past relationships your partner has been into and the level to which it had gone, physical or emotional.
  • Religion

The next very important thing you need to know before you propose someone is the religion of your partner. In case your religions are different, you must take his or her views about the compromises you may have to make in this regard after marriage. Also, your families must approve if this situation arises.
  • Future Plans

Another very crucial thing you need to know before you propose someone is future planning, regarding financial arrangements, birth of children and career planning after marriage, so that both of you think alike, otherwise clashes may surface later on. You must decide whether you want to live alone or with family before making a proposal.
  • Family

Family background is an essential thing to know before you make any kind of commitment. You need to meet each others families and be sure that they like you and vice versa, before you decide anything. After all, marriage does not involve only two people, but two families.
  • Commitment

Before you propose to someone, what you really need to know is whether that person is ready to make a commitment yet or if he/she needs time. It may happen that he/she may just not be ready to get married yet, which may cause a heart break for you.
  • Compatibility

One of the major factors of a successful marriage is compatibility. The best solution is to spend time with that person so that you can find out whether you are compatible in your views and ways.
  • Career Considerations

Another thing you need to know before you propose someone is his/her career considerations.  It is possible that you may be looking for a homemaker wife but your partner is an ambitious career oriented woman. Or sometimes a girl is not willing to change her job or move to a new city after marriage. This makes it very essential to know about her career considerations.
  • Loyalty

Something what you genuinely need to know about your would be life partner before making a proposal is his/her loyalty towards you. It matters to know whether he/she gives you a priority over friends, career and hobbies or if you take a backseat in their life, before making this all important decision.
And above all, whether it is love marriage or an arranged one, you must look for cultivating a bond of mutual trust and understanding, which can be the pillar of a happy married life.

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