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Top 10 Scariest Ghost Sightings

Ghosts have always been a subject of debate- some think that they exist, while they are just a figment of imagination for others. We have been hearing ghost stories and incidents since our childhood, but the existence of these unearthly beings cannot be proved until seen. This makes them a subject of fascination for the mankind. However, there have been some incidents in the history, where people have reported actually seeing them.

Here is a List of Top 10 Scariest Ghost Sightings Around the World:

1. The Flying Dutchman:

Coming on the top of the list of scariest ghost sightings all over the world is the Flying Dutchman, which is not the ghost of a person, but a legendary ship, which is seen in the form of an image or light in the ocean. It was reported to be seen sailing in the ocean since the 18th century, but never on land. Legend goes that this ship even sent messages to other ships.

2. Resurrection Mary:

Next on this list comes the ghost of a beautiful young woman, Resurrection Mary, which is seen near the Resurrection graveyard of Chicago, asking for a lift. As the legend goes, she died in a hit and run accident and was buried at the graveyard. When the driver stops to give her the lift, she simply vanishes.

3. Chloe Of Myrtles Plantation:

Among the scariest ghost sightings around the world comes Chloe, one of the 12 ghosts seen in this haunted plantation of Louisiana. The story goes that Chloe was a slave here and also the mistress of the owner. After she suspected that he would leave her, she was caught red handed eavesdropping on him. He punished her by cutting an ear, which she hid with a green turban. Chloe avenged herself by killing the family and was hung to death at the plantation. After that, her ghost has been seen roaming there with a green turban.

4. Richard Miller:

Next is the ghost of Richard Miller, an usher at the Theater of Minneapolis, who shot himself dead after being depressed due to some accidents there in 1967. He was buried at the theater. People have claimed to see him several times, walking up and down the aisles in the theater.

5. Toni Jo Henry:

This was the ghost of a prostitute, Annie McQuiston, born in 1912, who was punished to die in the electric chair after murdering Joseph P Calloway. Her ghost haunts the Calcasieu Parish Courthouse, the place of her conviction. She is sometimes heard screaming.

6. Ghosts of Forepaugh Restaurant:

Among the top 10 scariest ghost sightings around the world is the ghost of Molly, the maid at the home of Joseph Lybrandt, which has now become Forepaugh Restaurant. Molly committed suicide here after having an affair and becoming pregnant from her master, who also killed himself. It is believed that the ghosts of the lovers now haunt the place. They have been seen here and even been spotted at a wedding photograph taken at this place.

7. Dolley Madison:

Dolley Madison was the wife of James Madison, the fourth president of the USA. She was a charismatic lady, who wanted things her way in her house located in Washington D.C. It is believed that she can still be seen in a rocking chair in the porch of the house and even walking down the hallways. And the ghost will never let anyone touch the beautiful rose garden in the house.

8. The Bell Witch:

This was the ghost of a witch, who troubled the family of a farmer John Bell, who lived in a farmhouse at Adams in the eighties. It is said that she troubled only that family and no one else. Strange things happened with them; they were hit and pinched and animals behaved strangely at the farmhouse. It seems that they were under her curse. She is seen even today around the farm house.

9. Kate Morgan:

Next in the list of top 10 scariest ghost sightings all over the world comes the ghost of Kate Morgan, the woman who died on the steps of a beach hotel in California in 1892. She was shot dead by her husband, as proved in 1990, which was apparently considered a suicide. She stayed in room 302 of hotel Del Coronado, which is now room no 3312. People have seen strange things happening in that room, besides sighting the ghost in the hallway and at the windows.

10. Greenbrier Ghost:

This is the ghost of a woman called Zona Shue, who was killed in 1897 by her cruel husband. He was served justice when the ghost of the wife informed her mother that she was killed by her husband. This was an unusual case in the history of the American law, when the testimony of a ghost was considered while giving the final verdict of the case.
All these sightings make us believe that ghosts do exist in this world….

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