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Top 10 Rules for Safe Driving

Despite better cars and better roads, accidents still happen today. Most of them happen due to human error as most of us are always in a hurry to reach our destinations. Accidents may result in loss of life and property, and also may cause injuries, which may sometimes leave you or someone else crippled for a lifetime. Hence, it becomes our foremost duty to be very careful while driving to prevent accidents.

Here is a list of Top 10 Rules for Safe Driving:

1. Be Very Alert:

The most important rule for safe driving is to be always alert on the road and never be slack even for a single moment. Never hold the steering wheel with single hand, rather have a strong grip on it all the time, as you can control the vehicle this way if someone hits you unexpectedly.

2. Keep Your Distance:

The second important driving rule is to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and that ahead of you. Do not tailgate the other vehicle, as it may stop suddenly, causing an accident. Your life is in your own hand, so do not depend on others to be safe. Be careful about your own driving, instead.

3. Be Cautious at Intersections:

You need to be extra cautious at intersections for safety on the road. Look at both the sides and wait for a few seconds after the green light before moving as there is always a chance of someone running a red light. This will minimize the risk of being hit.

4. Consider the Weather Conditions:

The next important rule for safe driving is to be aware of the risks associated with unfriendly weather conditions, such as rain, fog or snow. You may avoid going out, and be extra cautious if you really need to. Drive slowly.

5. Keep Awake:

Long drives and late nights can make you sleeping, grossly elevating the risk of accident. If you feel really sleepy, just pull over to a side and take some fresh air or short walk. You can share driving with a friend or listen to music or have a cup of coffee, if alone.

6. Stay Away From Your Phone:

It is not only an offence to talk on phone while driving, but can also endanger your life and the lives of others too. Make it a rule not to attend the phone while driving. If you really need to do so, stop or use a hands free device.

7. Avoid Distractions:

Another rule for safe driving is to keep distractions away. These may come from small children or even an argument with your partner. So let it be a rule of thumb for children to sit tight while you are driving.

8. Never Drink and Drive:

Alcohol can be a major cause of accidents. So promise yourself never to drink and drive. You can even be arrested if not injured. Have a sober friend drive your car if you are under alcoholic influence. Or you can simply park your car at a safe location and take a cab.

9. Have Your Tyres Checked Regularly:

One of the rules for safe driving is to keep a regular check on your tyres, regarding pressure, cracks or worn spots, as this can go a long way in prevention of road accidents.

10. Always Wear Your Seat Belt:

Wearing your seat belts can minimize the risk of injuries in case an accident occurs. Also, this is a safety norms required to be fulfilled by law.
Besides taking these rules for safe driving into consideration, you must never drive in a hurry, as in this case haste does make waste.

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