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Top 10 Drawbacks of Using Computer for Long Hours

Computers have made our lives simpler and easier to a large extent, which is the main cause of increased use of computers in the daily lives of people of all ages and from all walks of life. We cannot even imagine banking, medicine, education and any other aspect of our lives without this wonderful gift of technology. Though computers have become an integral part of our daily lives, but we must be aware of the adverse effects which excessive usage of computers may have on our health, wellness and life, in general.

Here is a list of Top 10 Disadvantages of Using Computers for Long Hours:

1. Eye Straining Gadget:

The biggest disadvantage of using computers for long hours is that it can have an adverse effect on your eyes, by causing strain on them. It can cause weakening of eyesight as well as many other serious eye ailments..

2. Affects Social Life:

Too much time spent on computers can sometimes cut you off from your social links and have an adverse effect on your social life. One who is stuck to the computer has a tendency to lose interest in the outside world and become totally isolated.

3. Causes other Health Problems:

Another major disadvantage of using computers for long hours is that it may take a toll on your overall health, causing some serious health issues such as muscular strain, body aches, memory loss and mental disturbance.

4. Wastage of Time:

Too much time spent on computers makes you susceptible to wastage of time, as you may end up doing some unproductive activities such as playing games, chatting or surfing the net. It gives exposure to young children to vulgar websites, which can have adverse effects on their innocent minds.

5. Takes Toll OF Study Time of Children:

It usually happens that students tend to waste their study time by activities such as chatting and net surfing, causing a compromise on their education. This leads to a reduction in average study time of the students, causing wastage of valuable resource of education.

6. Invitation to Crimes:

Using computers for long hours can sometimes act as an invitation to cyber crimes like hacking and spamming. Chatting with strangers can also cause problems for people in the long run. Such criminal activities can sometimes destroy lives.

7. Makes You Lazy:

Just like television, spending long hours on computers can change your lifestyle and make you a couch potato. Gradually, you do not feel like moving from your chair and get stuck.

8. Takes Toll of Your Creative Spirit:

Excessive usage of computers takes toll of your creative spirit and “copy-paste” method of doing things becomes a way of life for you. Slowly, your mind refuses to work as you become more and more habitual to gathering ready made information on the net and using it for various purposes.

9. Causes Addiction:

Technology has slowly made mankind a slave of its own. As a result, people who spend long hours on computers become addicted to it and find it hard to overcome this addiction.

10. Makes Life Stressful:

Another big disadvantage of using computers for long hours is that it makes your life stressful as you get cut off from your family. As you spend more time on computers, family relations see a downfall and life can sometimes become a living hell.
Therefore, we must make efforts to reduce our time working on computers. We should utilize them, not fall prey to them….

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