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Top 10 Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping is something which has revolutionized the entire concept of shopping. Gone are days when you had to waste hours in the market, with your kids and shopping bags in tow. Internet had now made it possible to do your shopping at a simple click of the mouse, from the comfort of your living room or office desk. From clothes to books, watches, accessories and gadgets, online shopping has brought everything at our doorstep today. However, like every coin has two sides, there are some disadvantages of this kind of shopping too, despite the immense benefits. So today we have analyzed it and made a List of Main 10 Disadvantages of Online Shopping for you. So you Must read it. I hope it will be helpful to You.

Here is a List of top 10 Disadvantages of Online Shopping:

1. Risk of Misuse of Credit Card:

The payment of online shopping bills is done through credit/debit card. There is always a chance of your credit/debit card details falling into wrong hands, which may end up in fraudulent transactions by an unreliable person. So, one has to be very cautious while choosing an online shopping portal.

2. Absence of Bargaining:

Since online shopping involves purchase of products at the price listed on the net, you do not get an opportunity of lower price by bargaining. Moreover, you fail to get the satisfactory feeling which is the result of getting the thing at a bargained price.

3. Late Delivery:

Many times, you purchase an item from an online portal, which promises a speedy delivery, but it may take days or even months for the item to reach you, particularly in case of an overseas delivery.

4. Fewer Options:

A major disadvantage of online shopping is that you have fewer options to select from. Though you may save on time and discomfort of going to the market, the shopping portal may lack on variety in terms of colors, sizes and shapes.

5. Difference Between the Actual Item and the Item Displayed:

Deception is a major disadvantage of online shopping. The product which you can see on the portal is the basis on which you shop for it, but it may turn out to be quite different in reality. You may actually not like the item when it reaches you, making a waste of your hard earned money.

6. Absence of Trial:

Online shopping does not give you the chance to try the item, which is absolutely essential in case of clothing and shoes. These may not fit properly and the process of getting these exchanged can be quite cumbersome, leading to wastage of time.

7. Reduces Your Outings:

The worst thing about online shopping is that it actually encourages laziness and can make life dull. It is easy to succumb to the temptation of sitting at home and ordering things, but in the long run it deprives you the simple pleasures of going for outings.

8. Increased Costs Due to Shipping:

The next big disadvantage of online shopping is that many websites include shipping costs in the price of the item. Some of them might mention that shipping is free, but add it as a small clause in the terms and conditions of the sale. You may end up paying a higher price for the item.

9. Internet Usage Costs:

Online shopping does not come free. You may save the cost of fuel, but you have to pay the internet usage costs incurred for going through the online shopping portal.

10. Deprives You of The Pleasurable Shopping Time With Family and Friends:

Shopping with friends and family can be a pleasurable way of spending time with them. But online shopping deprives you of this pleasure of quality time spent together.
It is good to get the benefits of online shopping, but the best way is to be a master and not the servant of technology. So find time to go out sometimes. Happy Shopping!!

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